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FEMSLASH FIC: Poison Inque [DCU] – 01


PoisonIvyTitle: Poison Inque
Author: Feygan
Fandom: DCU
Character: Poison Ivy/Disappearing Inque
Rating: mature

Summary: Poison Ivy falls asleep in the past and wakes in the future, the daughter of herself.

The police were chasing her. All female officers–they’d learned–and she could hear them running through the brush, closing in. She ran as fast as she could, cursing the fact that she’d let them get close so she could taunt Montoya about what she’d done to Detective Bullock.

She hadn’t been able to resist. He was a disgusting pig of a man. A face full of Lung Spores was just what he deserved. Coughing up his insides in a hospital room would give him an opportunity to think about his language toward a woman. Read More